The Story of Fonzie

Here is a picture I just took of Fonzie. Look at how relaxed and happy he looks. Fonzie came in from outdoors (someone’s back yard) and was terrified and unhappy. He was one of our “curtain rod” cats. These cats climb or jump on top of the curtain rod in their room when people get too close to them. It’s where they feel safest. Fonzie stayed away from people for about a year, then became approachable but still scared. He had a look-alike in his room “Copper”, who was a friendly easy-going cat. Copper was adopted a couple of months ago, and then surprisingly Fonzie started to take on his personality, friendliness, and even his favorite spot on the linen shelf. Look at Fonzie now. He loves us, loves attention, and is just a joy. It is very rewarding for the volunteers to see a metamorphosis such as this, when so-called “feral cats” become happy felines. Now – that’s all Fonzie needs is his own home. cat fonzie8

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