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We’re excited to announce our very first photo contest called “Look At That Face!”


By entering our contest, you are:

1.    Proudly showing everyone your precious & amazing fur baby

2.    Making a donation to NTCR’s future


Contest starts Monday May 1, 2017 at 7:00am   

Contest link:


About North Toronto Cat Rescue (NTCR):

NTCR is a unique shelter in that we are the ONLY No Kill, No Cage shelter in the GTA. Our mission for the last 28 years has been to take cats living in the horrible conditions of street life, provide medical treatment (address any health issues, spays / neuters & vaccines) and provide them with a safe loving environment while being socialized until they are ready for adoption.

We currently have many residents that are in the middle of their journey of learning to trust, accept human touch and blossom into the loving trusting souls that they were meant to be. We are their voice and the voice of the ones still out there, waiting for rescue.


We need your help to ensure that we can continue our mission!


There are 3 awesome prizes for the tops 3 photos which will be determined by number of votes

1.    First Place: 16×20 painting of your photo (retail value $500)

2.    Second Place: $100 Cash or  $100 Pet Value Gift Card

3.    Third Place:  $50 Cash or  $50 Pet Value Gift Card


Please Enter your “Look At That Face” photo or photos

Then SHARE, SHARE, SHARE with family & friends and make sure they VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

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