B14ADear Donna,

This is Sarah, my mom and I adopted Jett in March and we wanted to let you know how things are going. The whole family loves Jett, she is very sweet and she is getting more comfortable with us every day. She is energetic, loves to play, and loves chicken! 

Unfortunately I have some sad news about Benny, our 7-year-old orange male tabby. A week or so after we brought Jett home, Benny started becoming sick. After weeks of consultation and appointments with our Veterinarian, we found that he almost certainly had cancer. The Veterinarian said that it must have been in his system for a very long time and it just decided to show itself now. Benny passed away naturally at home on the morning of May 16. We were all very shocked and heartbroken about his passing.

Our family has started thinking about getting Jett a friend since she has so much energy and we think she would be very happy with a pal to run around with. I wanted to let you know that we have decided to adopt from your shelter again and we are looking for a male cat this time, probably a kitten. We look forward to visiting again!


All the best,

~ Sarah and family


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