Mr. Bates

bates_6Another update from Mr. Bates:

Mr Bates here again. I have to write to you while my new human servants are out. My new shelter is is wonderful. My human servants are tending to my every need, as they should. The big servant seems to want to hold me a lot and pet me all the time. I let him because it feels good to get a massage every day. He also seems to enjoy rubbing me with some sort of bristle device and taking some of my fur away. I pretend it’s okay to appease him.

The little servant girl changes my litter box twice a day and feeds me twice a day…she is a little more shy around me but I know I will win her over with my love and cuteness.

The big servant doesn’t appear to like me getting up on the high flat surfaces around where they prepare my gourmet meals. I am often told no and removed and placed on the floor. I am trying to please the big servant by pretending he is outsmarting me and I will sometimes not jump up. I hear him saying things like ” good Mr. Bates, you are learning ” I am not sure what that means… I can only assume he is talking about how superior and wonderful I am.

I get to sleep almost anywhere I like accept a few places so that is good. I feel very loved and comfortable here with my new shelter and human servants.

Oh!!!! I have to stop pressing these black squares on the flat thing with the tv screen in front. The servants are coming back to my shelter. I will update again later.

By furr now,

Mr. Bates



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