Hi Donna,

Here is an update from Aurora (who we often call Rora for short); she is doing very well! She loves the little cat nip mouse I got from you at the Unionville Festival. I honestly don’t think that she likes cat nip. I tried to give her lots of different things involving cat nip and most times she seems quite indifferent to it. However, she LOVES the mouse and how the tail moves when she bats it around. Kudos to whoever made it! It keeps her occupied and it definitely is her favourite or second favourite toy. She also really likes cat grass. When I picked some up, she runs up to the grocery bag and starts unpacking things!


Rora amazes me, she has quite a spunky character as it turns out. I suppose she must have looked like a very quiet cat among the 200+ cats at the shelter, but to us, she seems very talkative, loud and outgoing! She definitely knows what she wants, and she is not too shy to let you know! We are happy for it though, she talks all the time! You don’t have to feel alone.  It seems like she says her name when arriving in the room with people arroorrrrrrrra. She purrs or roars at me whenever she comes close; in a talkative way. As if she is telling a story. Sometimes she is downstairs and talks to me all the way upstairs as she draws closer, until she finally settles down where I am.

She loves her scoop of meat in the morning and at night and generally she is very easy going. She loves Tucker, our dog, she always comes up to him when he enters the house and sniffs his nose and feet. She also is happy to see people, though not to keen to get picked up or cuddled. She loves hanging out with people though. At night, she often sleeps on my foot, though not as close as she used to, she used to sleep tucked into my waist or in the curve of my knee but now she mostly sleeps at my feet. She has taken to bringing me treasures at night. Sometimes this might be a piece of cat grass, or one of her favourite toys (the mouse I referred to or a very small crinkly and fluffy soft ball that she can easily carry in her mouth, up the stairs to our bedroom). Sometimes she picks a daisy from the flower vase down stairs or a leaf that fell down from a plant, or whatever she can find to offer up that she thinks it is interesting. It might be a piece of bark from the wood pile, or a small stick that looks cool. She is very cute! I learned to pay attention to what we have lying around the house to ensure she doesn’t find anything that might be poisonous to her. I google a lot of things! I think we are doing OK for her! She loves the scratcher that I bought her that is made of straw or something along those lines. She is not interested at all in the cardboard scratchers we have. She has learned that she is not allowed to scratch any wood but also that she is welcome to use the woodpile at the fireplace, and she does use that. Everyone is fine with that and she seems to enjoy scratching on wood every now and then.

It is quite funny how much she seems to love Tucker and Robin, she is always sitting around with them, as close as she can to get in on the action. She knows she is my cat though. As soon as I come into the room, she runs up to me. She is my little girl! And when I water the plants outside, she follows me around from window to window to see what I am doing. If the screen happens to be down, she squeezes her little head through the gaps so that she can still see what is going on. Haha. She is funny.

I have started a photography class and I love taking Roras portrait. I have included one of the nicest ones I took today.

Very best wishes for you and the kitties! I am following the adoptions and hoping for many adoptions ahead.

~ Amanda


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