Fonzie (Sylvester)

Sylvester1Hi Donna,

Sylvester has been renamed Arthur Fonzarelli aka Fonzie. I figured he was so cool he needed a cool name and Madison couldn’t pronounce Sylvester!

He’s doing well cuddling with all of us and still sleeping with Madison for a bit each night. Ruby is quite scary to him. We had them meet yesterday and things went pretty well on Ruby’s part. Fonzie was okay in my lap, purring slightly but when we left he went to sleep in the litter box again. We had a short meeting this am with Fonzie on the bed and Ruby on the ground. Very calm but Fonzie seemed to freeze again. I’ll keep doing the short visits, reassuring Fonzie it’s okay. Ruby has calmed a lot and just wants Fonzie’s food now.

We absolutely adore him. He’s a big sweetheartSmiling face with heart-shaped eyesHeavy black heartHeavy black heart

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