Giles ‘Hobo’

Hi Donna,

Just writing to say that “Hobo” is settling in quite well. Since he’s still young and didn’t know that name at all, we decided to call him Giles instead.

Giles and Abby had a better introduction than we could have anticipated!  We thought she might be a bit territorial and were prepared to do the gradual introduction thing, but she just sniffed him a bit, proclaimed him acceptable, and they’ve been co-existing well with only the occasional hiss on both parts to establish personal space. Last night they both slept at the foot of our bed very nicely and without confrontation.

He’s eating quite well and using the litter box properly. He prefers the Performatrin and Abby likes it too, so we’re going to have them both free-feed on that between wet food times.  He seems like a hungry boy, so we’ll keep watching him and make sure he gets up to a healthier weight.  He’s also playing well and has found a chair he likes in our guest room for when all the new stimuli leave him wanting quiet time.

We’re so happy to welcome Giles into our home. He is the sweetest boy who loves to give hugs and cuddle, and is the perfect mix of young cat energy and laid-back personality for our household.

VLUU L200 / Samsung L200


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