Hi Donna,

It’s been about a month since I adopted my sweet little Merlot so I thought that I would give you an update.

Merlot seems very happy & is adapting very well to her new home. She has blossomed by leaps & bounds. She now sleeps in my bed by my feet at night but comes up to head of bed occasionally to get petted (she loves head rubs!!).

My other cat Henry prefers to sleep alone on a pillow in my bedroom closet so there is no jealousy. He has been encouraging her daily to get out of her shell & chases her playfully & follows her around, but Merlot stands her ground with him & is starting to enjoy the attention. Henry must like her because he has kissed her on the nose a number of times & Merlot doesn’t run away from him anymore!

I think that she likes it! And she is the dominant one when it comes to food, always in the front anxiously waiting for her wet food or treats, but Henry is patient & I make sure that he gets his share too!! While I’m preparing their food or when she wants my attention, she follows me around & meows softly (her voice sounds more like a series of little squeals)!! She also comes to the door to greet me & say goodbye & hello as I come & go throughout the day. She is still a bit wary & sometimes runs away when I approach her, take pictures & doesn’t like me picking her up, but I’m sure in time she’ll grow more comfortable.

She is now also starting to play a bit with certain toys, but especially loves the laser! Both cats have a ball chasing it when I use the remote most evenings.

I’m very grateful for the TLC that NTCR gave her during her stay at the shelter, because I’m sure that this played a great part in her development. So thank you & all your volunteers for your efforts & support. She is definitely a special little girl with a lot to offer & I’m definitely a lucky parent to have her!!

~ Patti


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