Beemer (Bimmer)

20160302_120023Hello Donna & Everyone else that knew Beemer ( Bimmer )

He has been so wonderful since the day I brought him home! Beemer is the perfect match for my 1 year old cat Felix. They love to play and wrestle with each other and also I have caught them licking each other briefly already. Beemer is starting to come around to my fiancé and I. He is still little shy around people but slowly coming around. We did get him to be a life friend for Felix so I am really happy that the both of them get along so well. I know eventually Beemer will be cuddling right beside me. Beemer loves feathers, and getting his belly and head rub! He is an instant purr machine when you start rubbing his head. Thank you so much for allowing us come by the rescue on so many occasions, doing so it allowed us to take the time and look for the perfect match for our cat.

If anyone ever wants to see Beemer and Felix look them up on instagram @felix_and_beemer

Thanks again Donna!

~ Ashley

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