Updates on Mckenzie & Foxy



Sent: February 11, 2018 9:35 PM

Subject: Hello from Mckenzie and Foxy

It has been just over a year now since I adopted these two from your rescue centre. As you can see they have taken over the house. They have added so much to my home! Mckenzie is in charge and let’s everyone know. She has lost her elf like look and has filled in with a beautiful full coat. She is a real cuddle bug. If you are sitting, she is on your lap! Very food oriented though! 

Foxy was very shy at first and would watch from a far. Now she greets me in the morning on the bed with her chirps. She loves to be petted and will sit on the couch near you. Still not able to pick her up but she is getting braver. From the photo you can see she loves flowers. Whenever I put some out she is there. Sniffing them and batting them with her paw. Have to watch the types I put out. At Christmas I bought these snow ferns for my dining table. I had to keep them in the bathtub with the glass doors closed until I needed them.

Thank you so much for letting these two join my life! Bobbie Glover




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