Updates on Faith & Hope

July 21, 2020

Hi Donna

I wanted to give you an update on the girls, now that they have truly settled into their forever home.

Faith was most comfortable upon arrival, confidently exploring and watching everything. Hope was a bit more cautious, preferring to spend her initial time somewhat hiding in the basement. Every spot she chose, I followed later with the vacuum to make sure it was clean…lol. It took that first week for her to abandon the idea of staying down there.

I noticed that Faith was the dominant girl, for toys, grass, and even trying to have Hope’s wet food when hers was finished. Hope would just back away. I stopped the food “sampling’, just a gentle hand to redirect/ block access and now they both let each other finish. Of course, once they walk away, if there are any morsels left in the dish ( rarely), it is open season for whoever decides to go back for that final lick.

Faith has grown into a beautiful soft, strong cat. Hope is my little nugget – her fur is much shorter and courser than Faiths, but she loves to snuggle (my bony, angular little girl). They are slowly learning their names. They have learnt some commands – come here, let’s go, treats, grass, supper time. They do come when called. “Girls” usually rouses them and I do try to call them by name when we are alone.

As you can see in the attached, they have made themselves at home. Toys everywhere, lots of cosy and bright spots for watching, sleeping and playing. They love the staircases, especially when in their “zoomies”, they sound like a pair of horses galloping along. Lol. Hope likes to carry her little balls to the top of the stairs and drop and chase them down. Faith is my constant companion during the day when Hope has her nap There is no longer any privacy in this house – for anyone. Faith follows and watches. Hope has claimed the bed and depending on her mood may challenge Faith To leave.

To that end, while a Hope is significantly smaller than Faith, she is no longer a push over. She stands up for herself (and can be a bit of a bully) now. I think some of her confidence comes from being so comfortable with me. She climbs on me on the couch to watch some tv or just snuggle. They are beautiful girls and appear to be happy here.

Faith & Hope’s mom

May 20, 2020 – First Update on FAITH and HOPE



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