Giles (Hobo)

Giles (formerly known as Hobo) has been with us for almost a year now. He’s grown from a scrawny little furball into quite the magnificent beast, especially with that regal neck ruff of his! His paws and tail are no longer too big for the rest of him. Giles is playful and full of mischief, […]

Mr. Bates

An update from “Mr. Bates”: Mr. Bates here. I just thought I would send you an email to let you know that I am adjusting to my new home rather quickly. I have had my knots removed , a bath and a good brushing. I have to say I look and feel better already. I […]


An update from Finnigan’s new family: We apologize for the delay in sending these photos of Finnigan! He has been very sweet and cuddly and gets along well with the other cat. Hope all is well with you and the shelter. Thank you for everything you do!   << BACK to Love Letters

Jerry & Tippy

An update from Jerry and Tippy’s new family: Jerry and Tippy in their new home! My family and I adopted these two from the NTCR around a month ago! We love them both very much! They are super cute, sweet, and playful, and they have fast become attached to us.   << BACK to Love […]

Alfie & Ruby (Ocean)

Hi Donna, It has been almost 6 months since we brought home our kitties. We kept Alfie’s name but changed Ocean’s name to Ruby. Alfie and Ruby were a couple in that Michael Caine movie “Alfie” so it seemed to fit nicely. They absolutely love their new home and each other. They are inseparable. As […]

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Gemma (Fric)

Hello Donna and staff, I am just letting you know that things are going well for Fric (now Gemma) in our home. We adopted her last Friday, and initially I allowed her to have the master bedroom as her private space with gradual and short introductions to our other cat Tanzi. She seemed to enjoy […]


Hi Donna, It has been a week since we brought Hatfield home. He is the best cat we could ever wish for! He is very sweet, calm and smart. He is eating very well, his eyes cleared up though he is still sneezing a bit here and there, it almost looks like he is allergic […]

Buddy (Frodie)

Happy New Year Donna. I hope that you remember us – we adopted Frodie (now Buddy) at the end of October and I forgot to send some photos. Buddy is wonderful cat who has become good friends with our older cat and he has quickly become part of the family. I am attaching some pictures […]

Fonzie (Sylvester)

Hi Donna, Sylvester has been renamed Arthur Fonzarelli aka Fonzie. I figured he was so cool he needed a cool name and Madison couldn’t pronounce Sylvester! He’s doing well cuddling with all of us and still sleeping with Madison for a bit each night. Ruby is quite scary to him. We had them meet yesterday […]

Hobbes (Rascal)

Hi Donna, I hope you are doing well.  Hobbes (aka Rascal) is slowly coming around and he’s wonderful.  The two of them aren’t getting along the great yet. My first cat is still a little intimidated, but they aren’t totally afraid of each other.  Here is a picture of the two of them the closest […]

Abby (Peaches)

Hi Donna! Just wanted to give you an update on sweet Peaches who we took home last weekend. She seems to be completely at home, we have marveled at how easily she has settled right in! She is loving and playful and loves to have some serious snuggle time in the mornings. She didn’t make […]


Two weeks ago, myself and two sons went to North Toronto Cat Rescue to find out newest family member (we all agreed and have been insistent for months). We went through all the rooms on the main floor and my eldest teen kept his hands in his pockets and would not pet any cat (much […]


Hi Donna and everyone at NTCR! I just wanted to give you a long over due update of our beautiful girl we adopted over a year ago, Mackenzie. She is doing wonderfully and has changed so much from when we first got her! She was very nervous and shy when we first brought her home […]


Hi Donna, I just wanted to let you know how Molly is doing on her first day. She did so well. She didn’t leave the carrier for about a hour she let me pet her the entire time. She would then go onto my bed go on the floor then come right back to the […]

Cali (Toffee)

Hi Donna, Thank you so much for your card. Glad to be able to contribute to all of the great work that you all do. Here are some pictures of Cali (nee Toffee). As you may remember, she loved to sit by the window and stare at birds, squirrels and passing cars. What you may […]

Romeo & Jasper

Hi Donna, Hope you are doing well. I wanted to share the attached picture collage with you of Romeo and Jasper.  One year ago I adopted them from your shelter and I wanted you to know how grateful I am that they came into my life.  I remember you telling me that two really aren’t […]

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Hi Donna, It’s been about a month since I adopted my sweet little Merlot so I thought that I would give you an update. Merlot seems very happy & is adapting very well to her new home. She has blossomed by leaps & bounds. She now sleeps in my bed by my feet at night […]


Hi Donna, So sorry I took so long with this email, I just wanted to make sure Tramp was settled in first. The first few days he was very timid and just wanted to hide behind my toilet. After that he started being more friendly towards me and started playing and interacting with me. Now […]

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Julius (Caesar)

Hi Donna Just sending you an update on Julius (Caesar) and his integration into our home. It was a very quiet ride home when I drove home with him last Thursday. I was surprised how quiet he was. Meeting my other cats was as expected. My male cat was friendly, my calico was very unfriendly. […]

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Garfield and Lady

Hi Everyone. Just wanted to pop in and let you know Garfield and Lady are settling in just fine.They spent they’re first day and night in the bedroom with the door braced open just enough to see through.. Lots of interest from my guys but other than a his from grumpy Calico not a bad […]