The Story of Fonzie

Here is a picture I just took of Fonzie. Look at how relaxed and happy he looks. Fonzie came in from outdoors (someone’s back yard) and was terrified and unhappy. He was one of our “curtain rod” cats. These cats climb or jump on top of the curtain rod in their room when people get […]

Another high at NTCR

Our once-feared George is making new friends A while back, anyone turning the handle to enter Room 1 would be greeted with a low rumbling growl.  If you approached the crate of the growler, the lashing out would begin – not the welcome one wants when tending to cat care. After a spending a great […]

Another Journey Begins – Making Mr. Wonderful Wonderful

Looking forward to seeing “Mr. Wonderful” today. He was trapped late Thursday evening May 8th along with Wonder who began giving birth a few short hours later, at the shelter. Both (along with two others not yet trapped) lived in the huge parking lot of a car dealership in the shadow of Canada’s Wonderland. Talk […]

Apollo settles in and becomes a lover-boy

I returned from a 3 week vacation this week. When I left Apollo was still burrowing under blankets to have privacy and relief from the stress of a new location. Here is a brand new confident guy! He has a very loud attention-seeking meow. When you approach him he gets all excited and cute, and […]

I’ve been keeping two secrets from you…

I’ve been keeping two secrets from you that I’ve been too embarrassed to tell you. In my defense, I only knew about one of the secrets; I found out about the other one last week. Both secrets have to do with Hope. Hope was a tiny baby, all alone in the world when she was […]


Announcement: The cats in Room 3 are planning a fundraiser for NTCR. It will be a magic show, called MAGICPALOOZA. Diesel is coordinating the event. So far we will see the Indian Rope Trick performed by Rosita, Quick Change (changing from one costume to another) performed by Whisper, card tricks performed by Mercedes, Chinese Linking […]

Test Post – Meet Cassie

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