Updates on Blackie and Trixie

  December 25, 2020 Subject: Merry Christmas from Blackie & Trixie Hi Donna, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!! Trixie & Blackie are doing great. Both enjoy being petted & brushed. They both love chasing a ball around the house, especially up & down the stairs! They are happy & healthy. Blackie & Trixie’s mom. […]

Updates on Mookie

December 13, 2020 Mookie one of your cats that has brought me hours of enjoyment and love. Mookie with her pal (Patti).   << BACK to Love Letters

Updates on Katie

  September 5, 2020 This little girl is warming up . She doesn’t get spooked anymore . She will let me pet her whenever now without running. Also likes coming up on bed to sleep and have pets . She also loves her sister who is very patient with her. Katie’s mom       […]

Updates on Jilly

  August 30, 2020 Hello Donna, Hope things are going well for you guys at the shelter. Just wanted to send a little update on Jilly, who is now called Quince. We thought as it was a new start she should have a new name, but truthfully she doesn’t seem to respond to anything we […]

Updates on Francine

    July 27, 2020 Hello to the whole team at North Toronto Cat Rescue! I just wanted to provide a quick update on Francine. After we came home on Saturday she settled in right away, meowing and head butting and just generally taking her place as the queen bee of the apartment. She’s been […]

Updates on Faith & Hope

July 21, 2020 Hi Donna I wanted to give you an update on the girls, now that they have truly settled into their forever home. Faith was most comfortable upon arrival, confidently exploring and watching everything. Hope was a bit more cautious, preferring to spend her initial time somewhat hiding in the basement. Every spot […]

Updates on Nibbles

  May 6, 2020 Update on Nibs (AKA Nibbles). This sweet boy just turned 3. We adopted him over a year ago. He is Feline leukaemia positive and has a chronic upper respiratory infection. He is the love of our family‘s life. He’s gained 3 lbs and is almost completely rid of most of his […]

Updates on Aurora

    August 5, 2019    Hi Donna! Here’s some pics of Aurora relaxing in the window this morning. She is coming along nicely 🙂 she has been playing alot, eating very well, regular in the litter box and even climbing all over us while we sleep! She’s still a little shy to be touched […]

Updates on Missy

August 1, 2019  She’s begun to play a little! July 31, 2019   July 25, 2019 Hi! This is Kim, I adopted Missy on Monday with my sister. Just thought I’d send along a picture of her now that she’s started to settle in. July 22, 2019 Missy went home with Kim & her sister […]

Updates on Stardust

August 1, 2019  Hello! I welcomed Stardust home on Saturday and I’m glad to say that she’s settling in very well. She’s understandably more reserved and wary than she was at your shelter, but is building confidence day by day. I hope to be able to give her belly a good brushing soon… Introductions with […]

Updates on Newton aka Mitchell

  July 30, 2019    Donna, Good afternoon. Hope you’re doing well and enjoying the summer so far. Just wanted to give you a quick update on our baby boy Mitchell who will be turning 1 in a few days. Mitchell has been doing great, and he’s getting along really well with his older sister […]

Updates on Cricket

April 18, 2019 Hello Donna! How are you? The first two nights Cricket cried. And now she feels better, she is not hiding anymore, but she’s still shy. Cricket is very friendly, likes to play. Alina       << BACK to Love Letters

Updates on Taco aka Pongo

  April 15, 2019 Hi again Donna, thought you might enjoy this video & photo Erin sent last night … it’s taken Pongo a while to feel safe enough with her to play, but he made that big step yesterday! He’s so sweet around her, and she calls him “baby” … thanks again!   March […]

Updates on Buffy and Tabitha

April 14, 2019 Subject: Buffy and Tabitha – one year later Hello you wonderful people! I am sending a few recent pictures of Buffy and Tabitha, who were adopted just over a year ago. They are enjoying a happy life with us in their forever home. They are now very active 5-year-old cats, who have to […]

Updates on Beatrice

March 26, 2019 Hi Donna, Just checking in. We renamed honey bee as cali and she is doing great. She didn’t cry and is getting used to the house and other cat. Here are some pics …     << BACK to Love Letters

Updates on Norman aka Pawco & Russell aka Rusty

  March 21, 2019 Hi Donna, Just wanted to tell you that ‘the boys’ are an absolute treat. Four months with us; they rule the roost. The floor is covered with cat toys. They love playing – with us, with the toys, and with each other. Although they never met until they came to us, […]

Updates on Nyxi

January 19, 2019 Good morning! Sharing recent pics of Nyxi. She is starting to feel comfortable in her new home after 10 days. So happy for her…she is trusting me more each day. 🐱   February 08, 2019 Nyxi is getting more comfortable every day. My sweet girl!!! 💕     << BACK to Love […]

Updates on Lexi

  January 2, 2019 Thank you so much for everything yesterday. Lexi is settling in nicely-I don’t think she’s stopped purring! Happy to be home.  – Lexi’s mom     << BACK to Love Letters

Updates on Benson

  December 17, 2018 Hi Donna, Merry Christmas! Just thought I’d give you a holiday update on the lovely Benson. Three words: lovey, playful, and perfect. He’s settled in so nicely and has become quite the explorer. I usually come home and find him on the cat tree or looking out the window, but he’s […]

Updates on Holly

  November 26, 2018 Hi Donna It was a nice surprise to see our “little” Holly on the cover of your recent newsletter. It was nice to see a picture of her with those big ears that seemed too large for her head! She is doing very well. With lots of play therapy, her limp […]