Match Gift Campaign – NTCR is seeking a partner!

We are looking for a supporter, sponsor or local business interested in partnering with NTCR on a fund raising campaign.

We are hoping to find an individual, group or local business willing to match gift donations coming in to the shelter via the campaign for a defined period of time and/or to a maximum dollar amount (both to be determined in conjunction with the sponsor). In return we will include the name and/or logo of the supporter on our campaign communications, both via our website and social media channels. There is even the opportunity to help name the campaign and gain even more exposure.

This would be a great opportunity for any individual or small business to give some much needed and welcomed support to a local, non-funded charity in the community, whilst at the same time gaining some media exposure (if that’s beneficial to you/your business).

We would like to work with our partner to define the details of the campaign, and if you are interested in supporting NTCR, or want to hear more about the opportunity, please email NTCR at

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