Please join our cause and help Save NTCR!

Save NTCR!

Over 150 cats face a bleak and uncertain future without your support!

If we do not reach our Phase 1 target, there will be no Phase 2!   PLEASE HELP!

NTCR was established by Donna Cox, whose ambition was to take vulnerable cats off the street and bring them in to a secure environment, where they live in complete safety until they find their permanent home. In 2008 NTCR moved in to its current shelter location, and approximately 160 cats are living at the shelter today, away from the horrors of the street and the harsh lives they previously led. Over the years, more than 2,400 cats have benefitted from the services of NTCR and are now living the lives they deserve as part of a loving family. However, the future of the current cats, and others like them who still need to be rescued from the streets, are uncertain due to the planned demolition of the shelter at the end of 2016 to make way for property development.

NTCR needs your help to ensure these cats remain safe and secure. They need to find a new shelter location, and need to do it fast!

The consequences of not finding a new property are impossible to consider, with the cats facing either a treacherous life back on the streets or being relocated to other rescues in the GTA where those unable to find a ‘furever’ home will face probable death. NTCR is the only no-cage and no-kill facility in the GTA. It also receives no financial support whatsoever from the Province or City, and all funds come in via adoption, sponsorship and donations.
NTCR is run entirely by volunteers and operates purely on donations and the generosity of its supporters. Its intake policy is non discriminatory, and cats come to the shelter from all over the GTA and even as far as Quebec. If the need is there, NTCR will do all that they can to respond and rescue any cat. Every life is precious.
The challenge therefore is to buy or rent a new property or a plot of land, complete renovations and relocate all of the current cats quickly and safely. This of course comes with a significant price tag, with the cost of purchasing a property likely to exceed £1m. This is where your help is desperately needed to save these precious animals.
The first stage of the journey is to raise enough money to do all the preparatory work, including: searches, land or property downpayment, satisfy legal and regulatory requirements, etc. Having this in place will put NTCR well on the way to relocating to a new location.
Without this money NTCR will fail to exist and this is just not an option. With your help, NTCR will continue to offer security for its current cats and any new cats that come through its doors. No donation is too small, and you can be assured that every single dollar raised will go towards providing essential shelter and support for the cats.
Please refer to the website ( and Facebook ( for further information on NTCR.

Please help us find a new home!


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