Updates on Jilly


August 30, 2020

Hello Donna,

Hope things are going well for you guys at the shelter.

Just wanted to send a little update on Jilly, who is now called Quince. We thought as it was a new start she should have a new name, but truthfully she doesn’t seem to respond to anything we call her or any command. She is a total diva!

She’s been eating like a champion and filled out a little bit but still a little thing. I don’t think she will ever be a big cat.

She spent the first while sleeping under the bed but the last few weeks she now sleeps at the foot of the bed or on the dresser across from the bed.

She’s had a Full on evening routine it seems. She loves starring out the bedroom window especially at night.

She also loves to play. We have a wand she likes to chase, but she’s too smart for the laser pointer and has no time for it at all. We make her forts with boxes and we play fetch with her cat treats. It’s great exercise cause she runs around like mad after them.

I’ve attached a few photos of her for you guys.

All the best!!
Jilly’s Mom & Dad

July 20, 2020

Hi Donna,

Jilly has been settling in well I feel. She was a little wound up the first night so not much sleep was had but she’s very sweet and loving and has relaxed since. She’s confident when she is in the room With us. She explores and hangs out but I think she spooked herself out when she’s on her own somewhere. She’s not very interested in her toys yet but likes a lot of attention.

She’s been using the litter well and is going regularly. She’s a good eater of her wet food but not to interested in the dry. I haven’t seen her drink water so I think we are going to get her a cat fountain. I’ve heard those work really well as the water is always flowing.

Hope everyone there is well.

I’ll send another update down the road.

Jilly’s mom




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