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June 30, 2018

Hello all Dona’s crew!

Humphini is doing better, last two days slowly he is more calm and let me to brush his fur. He is our huge sweetheart! He eats well which always make me feel good about him. Yesterday he wondered and was curious what is going on outside of his room but quickly went back to his place. He is progressing and he make my heart smile. Big hugs, Beata




June 14, 2018

Something fresh from this morning! Finally Humphrey showed his lovely legs and with this lovely black spot. He is definitely more relaxed now. Slowly, slowly with the baby steps we are getting to know each other.
Thank you for all your tips. Please pass my messages to Dona.





June 13, 2018

Dear NTCR Crew, Humphrey is sending you big hello and huge hugs.

For now, Humphrey favourite sitting spot is on the window ledge. He is doing better, the first 3 days were challenging since he was extremely scared and he refused to drink and eat. The second day I was feeding him with a syringe. But everyday is better. He got nice bed, so far not used but we are so much in hope that he will get use to it. He is a real treasure and huge sweetheart. We all love him. More update will come.



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