Garfield and Lady

Hi Everyone.

Just wanted to pop in and let you know Garfield and Lady are settling in just fine.They spent they’re first day and night in the bedroom with the door braced open just enough to see through.. Lots of interest from my guys but other than a his from grumpy Calico not a bad word was said by anyone.

This mornings plan after breakfast was to place the kittens in the kitchen, while letting my old ones check out all the new smells in the bedroom. Seems they had different ideas. Trapper snuck into the kitchen to watch everyone from his safe spot and next time I tried to get through the door Garfield decided he’d seen enough in the kitchen and was coming out. LOL

So…..all the doors/rooms are open, the kids are exploring, the older gang is sitting back quietly watching them ( and not hiding) and Eric shows no sign of wanting to chase anyone, he’s just glad to have his fav bedroom window sill back again.

Couldn’t ask for a better/ easier introduction. They’re all behaving just the same as if the cats had brought the kittens home themselves.Can’t wait to see what happens when the noisy neighbor chipmunks that live outside start peeking in the windows like they do. LOL
Take care and Thank you for all you do!

~ Sharon

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