Julius (Caesar)

Hi Donna

Just sending you an update on Julius (Caesar) and his integration into our home. It was a very quiet ride home when I drove home with him last Thursday.

I was surprised how quiet he was. Meeting my other cats was as expected. My male cat was friendly, my calico was very unfriendly.

For the first 24 hours, if she wasn’t hissing at him every time she walked passed him, she was vocalizing her displeasure to me. Poor Julius took it all in stride.

He quickly found some comfort places to hang while he got use to the normal noises in our house.

Friday morning he ate well, and throughout the course of Friday and Saturday he slowly got more comfortable, and eating and drinking. By Saturday night he was sleeping on my bed. Yeah!

He definitely is a very gentle guy – no hissing or any aggressive act despite a very unfriendly female cat, and 3 kids anxious to pet him. Right now he is lying in kitchen, having a snooze.

Everyone who meets him can’t help but comment on how handsome he is. Will keep you posted and send some pictures once we get some good photos to share.

Thanks and take care

~ Bonnie


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