Hemmingway, Coconut and Caraway

Hi Donna, 

Just a quick note to let you know how Hemmingway is doing.  First off we have decided to keep Hemmingway as his name however, I also love to call him Hemmi for short sometimes.    He is currently  hanging out in his very own room with a bay window view.  We have a large cage in that room which we felt he might feel more secure in so we set that up.  I leave the door open at times but he doesn’t feel comfortable enough to leave it himself at this time.  I have to pick him up and bring him out but once he is sunning himself in the bay window he becomes very relaxed. He still cowers at the slightest of noises but in time this will get better I expect.  He has even started cleaning himself.  What a truly sweet boy with so much love to give..  We won’t introduce him to Weenee (I can hear you cringing Donna as you read this ha ha) or Boo until he has settled a bit more.  He sleeps a lot…I figure he is making up for lost time and won’t want the kitties all over him right now. Meanwhile Weenee and Boo like to go to sleep late at night and then rise very, very early in the morning.  Momma is still getting use to this schedule herself 🙂

I have taken some pics on my camera but need to upload them to my computer which I will do by the weekend.  In the meantime I took a few on my BB which I will share with you now.

We are enjoying the adventure with our NEW family.  Thank-you for rescuing our little angels.  What an amazing feeling it is to watch them sleep.  They look at piece and WE FELL at piece in our hearts.  Not much can top that feeling in my books.

~ Pam and John

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