From Afsaneh…

My Dear Donna, They look so good and handsome  , thank you for accepting me to be their mom, they look happy and healthy.   I added a few pictures for you to show to all wonderful volunteers, say hi to all of them and thank them for me, I am so happy with my babies and love them […]


Hi Donna, Long time, no speak. I hope all is well with you and that you are enjoying this beautiful weekend! According to the paperwork we got from you, yesterday was Archie’s 3rd birthday. Given his unknown background, I know it’s a guess but we went with it! I posted this on facebook yesterday and […]

Bohdi (Buddha) & Linus (nee Toby)

Hi Donna, The boys are doing fine and here are a couple of pics.  Bohdi is a constant companion to whichever of us is around and regularly patrols the house including the basement and from the IP Cams we can see that he regularly interacts with Linus (who now approaches B with his tail up, […]


All is well! Tux is coming out of his shell very well – he was hiding for a few days, and skittish when we approached him, but he’s getting braver and friendlier. Once he’s being pet he’s the happiest cat in the world. He’s bonding really well with our other cat, and most of the […]


Polly has a pink collar, pink bed, pink ceramic food dish and pink place mat.   Also pink leash – not for me to lead her, but so I can keep track of her as she explores more and more of the house – three stories plus basement with lots of beds and sofas to hide […]


Hi Donna, Attached are some photos of Sawyer, the Soy-Boy.  He’s very comfy as you can see.  It didn’t take him long to find the best seats in the place.  Arabella, the blonde has accepted him and Chutney, our big boy is still figuring out how to engage the new one. We have discovered a […]

Blanche (Snowy)

Hi Donna, I hope this note finds you doing well! Just appreciating what a lovely kitty I have this morning and wanted to drop you and your whole team at NTCR a note to say thank you, so very much, for all the work you do! It’s been five months since I brought Blanche (aka […]


Hi Donna, I’ve been wanting to give you an update on Fonzie-the boy with stomatitis who had laser surgery in February-he is doing wonderfully. He is so comfortable with all of us, including the dogs. Gizmo (4lbs) and Fonzie argue regularly. I think Fonzie just hits her for fun….I never notice him using his nails. […]

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Hi Donna, Thank you for taking such good care of Gypsy – her new name is Kali. She is the calmest and coolest cat I’ve ever known! Her personality is too calm and affectionate for her to have lived on the streets for a long time, but I can’t understand why anyone would have abandoned […]


Hi Donna, Finn is settling in nicely with us. He’s enjoying the wet food you sent along and his appetite is good. He slept at the end of the bed with me much of last night and was very well behaved while I was at work today. Tonight, Miriam had some friends over to the […]


Here is a pic of the lil guy settling in for a nap. He looks for the pink blankie for nap time! I have more pic’s of Dakota on my cell phone than my kids! ~ Renu   << BACK to Love Letters

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From Donna…

Hi Donna, We have ourselves a real sweetie lump!  Very cool kittie!  He did not complain during the ride home, just nuzzled Jim’s fingers and purred. Upon arrival, he cased the joint, sniffed everything then settled down to some food and a lap snuggle.  The other two were shocked, of course but snooped around cautiously.  […]

Brutus (Honey)

Hi Donna and Stephanie, Hope all is well with you. Just wanted to give you a quick update on Brutus aka Honey. Oh man! This guy is seriously my best friend. He has really come out of his shell the longer he has been with us. I can’t imagine life without him now. We play […]

Denison & Fritz

Good morning Donna, Thank-you for your service on Saturday! We really appreciate the dedication you had given us. Denison and Fritz are beautiful and they are like our babies now. Denison was jumping all around in the room and playing with the toys. Fritz has been a little scared but Chris has slowly got him […]


Hi Donna, I just wanted to give you a quick update on how Trixie is doing. It didn’t take her very long to settle in here, and she’s getting along really well with her new brother, Barnaby. They seem like a great match for each other and hardly leave each others sides. ~ Tim ” […]

Cookie (Groot) & Cream

Hi Donna Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know the kitties are settling in nicely. They are now named Cookie and Cream and love having the space to run around. Although they are the size of my dog’s head, they are definitely showing him who is boss especially Cookie (Groot).   […]

From Lisa…

Hi Donna! All going well here so far. Here are a few first pics for you and the team. More later, I promise. Very best, ~Lisa ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]   << BACK to Love Letters

Smudge (Nickel)

Hi Donna, Here are some pictures of Nickel, or Smudge as we now call him, in his forever home. I’ve taken so many already! Thank you for bringing us together, ~ Michelle   << BACK to Love Letters


Hi Donna, I just wanted to give you an update on dear Archie. Things are going really well. Larry and I absolutely love him to bits! He is such a sweet boy. We can’t understand why he wasn’t scooped up sooner but we’re very happy that we are the lucky people that got him! As […]

Mr. Bates

Another update from Mr. Bates: Mr Bates here again. I have to write to you while my new human servants are out. My new shelter is is wonderful. My human servants are tending to my every need, as they should. The big servant seems to want to hold me a lot and pet me all […]