New beginnings.

Last week at the shelter 3 kittens were born, by a kitty rescued from outside late the night before. Here they are at 3 days old, just before going to a lovely foster home. Thankfully they were not born even 12 hours earlier, outside in the cold…… Now they will never know anything other than […]

A BIG Thank You!!!

A BIG thank you to Coral and Vivian for holding a baking marathon of cupcakes & cookies and presenting the proceeds in the form of a cheque to NTCR in the amount of $400.00 ! On behalf of all the fur babies at NTCR, thank you Coral & Vivian!

Have you noticed your cat doesn’t visit her water bowl too often? Don’t worry – it’s normal for a feline. But you still have to make sure she stays properly hydrated.

If your cat never seems to drink much water, don’t be too concerned. She’s not sick. Most cats have a relatively low thirst drive. It’s because their wild ancestors once lived in desert environments, where water was scarce and the only available moisture came from the bodies of prey animals. So is it possible for […]

Esso and His Buddies: The Return of the Huge Green Bed

These are cats in Room 7. The picture with Esso and 3 of his friends was taken a while ago. They are in the green bed, a very large comfortable and comforting place for these scaredy-cats to snuggle together. Someone removed the green bed a while ago (to clean) and it hadn’t been returned. A […]

My Room 5 Cat Colleagues

One of my favourite rooms for placing our socialized “scaredy-cats” is room five.  Chastity is first to welcome recently- crated  cats arriving  nervous in their carriers.   Here, the transition will go more smoothly, not only because of my furry colleages  but because the room is no so large that the newly-released are difficult to […]

Mugsy Lives Up to Her Name

Like the rabbit in “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”, Mugsy’s small demeanour  can be deceiving. This little beast, just a smidgin over two pounds,  is a force to be reckoned with.                     What began as  a bid for attention has led to leg-climbing and then […]

Visiting Ma Barker

Thank you, Lorna Jones, for showing me how to begin giving these cats some loving.  There you were placing your hand- albeit inside a heavy-duty welding glove- alongside the crate and gently stroking this beast.  It was, at this point, that working with these cats became a passion. That was in June of 2013.  I […]

Fostering a Special Soul

Why do Laura and I kitty foster? It fills a need but not ours.  It’s that little furry one that requires special care and meds to survive or the helpless ones that desperately need critical feeding because Momma can’t deliver.  The downside of fostering?  Giving ’em back after they creep into your heart.  So big […]

One of the Joys of Fostering

After syringe feeding this little one for almost six weeks(at one point, hourly), little Watson has discovered dining on her own.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, this video says it all.  We are thrilled that she is finally gaining weight nicely. Enjoy!!!

The Troops Arrive at the Shelter

Trooper came to visit today. He was adopted a while ago by one of our volunteers and renamed Rocky, but we still call him Trooper. Every once in a while he comes over to catch up on all the gossip at the shelter and have a play date with his friends. He inspects all the […]

Special Beds for Special Cats – now with video update

So why  is that new cat peering over the edge of the litter box, preferring lay in its own litter rather than that comfy-lookingl cat bed? Thanks Esther, for providing one possible answer when we were first dealing with the menace called Brutus – the security of having a hiding spot.         […]

The Terror Known as George is Out and About

Some Background on George George would maintain a low menacing growl as soon as anyone entered the front room where he was crated.  He would lash out if you came near. To make it safer for volunteers cleaning his cage and myself for cleaning and socialization, I replaced his whisk broom with the “George Broom” […]